A thoroughly complete easy-to-use template designed to help you carry out branding projects successfully.

473 Brand Book Template

  • 50+ pages Brand Book
  • Real usable copy
  • 5 sections including Brand, Style, Visual Identity, Uses and Final ideas.
  • Design-Ready files, easy to replace colors, fonts and logos of your own.
  • Available in Google Slides and Adobe XD.
  • 1920 x 1080 px
  • Uses free font Uses open-source imagery
  • 2 languages: English and Spanish !
$ 49.00 USD

Building a charismatic and powerful brand takes focus. This document will help you clarify what the brand offers, represents, and can do for your audience.


This is our most complete Brand Book Template, which includes Brand Strategy aspects as well as Style and Visual ID.

  • Brand Identity definition
  • Brand Core (Essence, Values, Differential, Promises)
  • Style (Tone of voice, Photo Style)
  • Visual Identity (Logo, Symbol)
  • Grid / Articulations / Symbol Construction
  • Text version / Reduction
  • Sub Brands / Logos
  • Color (Primary and secondary palette / Combinations)
  • Typographies (Hierarchy and visual weight)
  • Typography in digital mediums vs Print
  • Logo Lockups
  • Non-permitted uses
  • Application over backgrounds
  • Usage
Brands are constructed over time with effort. Taking care and making the brand grow day by day is the greatest challenge you will meet in keeping your promise alive.
  • Are you a Chief Marketing Officer who wants to take your brand to the next level and make an impact along the way?
  • Are you a Graphic Designer who wants to level up your game, and attract new world-class clients?
  • Are you a business owner who wants to make more money achieving consistency in your message?
  • Are you an entrepreneur launching a new brand or transforming your actual brand into a charismatic one?
  • Do you need to narrow-in on your vision, clarify your ideas, and define a winning brand strategy for your next move?  

This is definitely one way to create impact with clients.

The Brand Book Template will save you days or even weeks of work.

We've done this hundreds of times and know by heart how to make things easy for you and at the same time extremely valuable for the brand and organization.

A complete guide that ensures all communication stays on brand, not only logo application or color palette, this documents goes beyond, into the brand core. 

Narrow-in on your vision for the brand, clarify your ideas, define a brand strategy and make sure everyone is on board.

From the essence of the brand, to the tone of voice and secondary logo, we got you covered.

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473 Brand Book Template

A Full Brand Book Template designed to help you to deliver complete branding projects successfully. From Brand Core to Sub-Brands, Tone of voice and more. Intended for limited time use, it is available in 2 languages (English and Spanish).
$ 49.00 USD

This is a digital download only. This is not a physical product. Before purchasing, make sure to read our FAQs and that you have the experience and software required to edit the templates. Our templates cannot be resold or redistributed. Please read our Terms and conditions page for details.

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