473 is an important agency.

No it is not.

Not in the traditional sense at least. We are not part of a big holding neither care much about the award industry. The important thing to us is you and your business and hope that detail will make us important to you too.

We also care (probably too much) about coffee and sfogliatella. It's important for us what we spend our days doing so we are picky about projects we work on and people we work with.

It's very likely that this about its not important to almost anybody and never gets read at all, but never the less, you dear reader, who kept your attention up to this point, make no mistake: you are already important to us.

‍No big agency vibes here.

No rigid structures or endless meetings about other meetings.

We will be there for you.

That’s the way we believe great design is created.

Martina Mut
Creative Director

Eat girl.
Mother of dragons.
Cook enthusiast.
Croissant professional taster.


Juan Pascual
Creative director

Father of two boys.
Bass player.
Not too serious.


Let's make something
great together, you won’t regret it.

98% of our clients return.
It’s actually 100% but for some reason 98% sounds even better.



At some point, people will ask us these questions, so we figured we could answer them before you even ask. That's how good we are.

What are your areas of focus?

Brand Strategy
Visual Identity Design
Web Design
Development (using Webflow as main tool)

Who do you usually work with?

We love working with small to medium size companies / organizations.
Lovely people who care about design, the product or service they offer and the customer or community.  If you only care about money, hate your job and your product will have a negative impact on earth,  we are deeply sorry but you’ll be better off with a different agency.

Do you collaborate with other agencies?

Yes, sometimes we do work with other professionals or agencies and it's been great. We love to share opinions and make the work grow.

Where are you located?

473 Agency is a US based company. Martina & Juan are currently located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, while the rest of the team is located all over the world, working remotely.

What language(s) do you speak?

Spanish (Native)
English (Fluent)
Italian (We can order pizza flawlessly)

Who’s my main point of contact?

You’ll be speaking to us (Juan or Martina), the people who do the actual work. No middle person, no intern will touch your project. We will be there for you with full transparency and commitment. We contact through email, share files through Google Drive & Notion, and use Google Meet for our calls.

How long does a branding and a website process take?

Branding: 4 to 8 weeks. Includes 2 or 3 rounds of revisions, presentations, collateral designs, and final file delivery.

Website: Between 8 and 12 weeks. Includes design, wireframe, and Webflow development. The timing on both projects will vary depending on the complexity, extension, interaction, animations, time to give feedback, etc.

Why are you called 473?

It's actually Four, Seven, Three not four hundred and seventy three. That's the address number of our first studio, a happy place where we found the courage to trust ourselves and start this journey. Even though we don't work there anymore, hopefully as we carry the name, that energy will never leave us.