473 is an important agency.

No we are not.
Not in the traditional sense at least. We are not part of a big holding neither care much about the award industry. The important thing to us is you and your business and hope that detail will make us important to you too.

We also care (probably too much) about coffee and sfogliatella. It's important for us what we spend our days doing so we are picky about projects we work on and people we work with. At the end of the day it's about people saying "Oh! That's a nice logo" or "This web doesn't suck at all"

It's very likely that this about its not important to almost anybody and never gets read at all, but never the less, you dear reader, who kept your attention up to this point, make no mistake: you are already important to us.

Our lovely faces :)

Martina Mut

Creative Director
Eat girl. Mother of dragons. Cook enthusiast. Croissant professional taster.

Juan Miguel Pascual

Creative Director
Curious. Father of two boys. Bass player. Not too serious.

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At some point, people ask us this questions, so we figure we could answer them before you even ask.
That’s how good we are.

if you have any other questions, please email us:

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