Alpine Security

Teaming up with Eric from TreseisCero, we tackled a cool project with Alpine Security. They wanted a website that looked sharp but didn't want to go with the usual dark vibes of the cybersecurity world. So, we took on the design while Eric nailed the Webflow development. We made separate pages for each service to keep things clear, and added some slick visuals to tell their story. The collaboration was smooth sailing, and now Alpine Security's got a site that's as unique as they are.

Alpine Security
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Additional Achievements:

  • Transformed logo with new type and articulations/lockups
  • Designed 6 pages
  • Fostered respectful collaboration
  • Ensured smooth communication
  • Cultivated positive team dynamics
  • Formed a special team
  • Overcame challenges effectively
  • Achieved high website satisfaction levels

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